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Welcome to Emily Mitchell Consulting!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A place to share lessons learned as a woman working in the tech industry and a working mom trying to balance it all.

After working in the tech industry for 20+ years, I surprised everyone, including myself, by taking a step in a new direction. When I stopped to think about all the things I loved about my job and honing in on my strength as a 'relator', I was immediately drawn to executive coaching. The opportunity to take what I've learned and help others in the space was so attractive to me.

So what can you expect here? Honest thoughts from a mom in tech.

Having worked for three major consulting companies, I worked with some of the very best in the industry. I have seen some of the very best leaders do what they do best, some amazing leaders shine on really hard days, and some terrible leaders continue to repeatedly lose the respect of those around them with no regret or consequences. I've led global teams and turned some around from the brink of disaster. I've made a lot of mistakes. I've doubted myself. I've put the job before myself and my family. My job has been transitioned offshore multiple times and in some cases, it was my job to transition other peoples jobs offshore. I've cried when I was overlooked for a promotion, and I've cried after getting one. With each experience I have gained wisdom that I hope will benefit someone and help others embrace their own journey, good or bad.

The ideas for this site have been in my head for a while, and while it is far from perfect, I'm approaching this from an agile point of view. Challenging myself to at least get started and iterate, iterate, iterate! I would love to connect, swap consulting stories and experiences so please check back soon!

"Everything in your past is preparation for something in your future. God Wastes nothing" (Mark Batterson)

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