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My Approach

My Approach

Are you really ready?  

Before engaging a coach, it's critical to consider two questions:

Do I have a problem that I need to solve?
Am I willing to make changes?

In order for a coaching relationship to be successful, you need to be able to answer these questions with a resounding, Yes!


Now what?

A good coach will not try to solve all your challenges. A good coach partners with you to work toward a common goal. You are the expert in your field, niche, or business. You know the key players, the office politic, and the team dynamics, or at the very least, have the opportunities to get to know these things. Through the process of active inquiry, we will work through a series of open-ended questions to create a plan to reach your desired objectives. At each meeting, we will focus on your key objectives and outcomes that are most relevant to your current situation and work to develop a plan for you to execute to achieve your desired results.  Ready to jump in?  Book a free intro session today.   ​


As a member of the International Coaching Foundation, I adhere to the IFC Core competencies and code of ethics.  

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