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What the Tech?

Bringing clarity to technology for business. 

Navigating through the ever-evolving world of technology can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but it's important to remember the benefits it can bring to your business and professional life. I hope that our discussion on the latest tech trends has provided valuable insights for you.

I've compiled a list of key terms and useful links that we touched upon during our discussion. I encourage you to explore these resources and continue your technological journey with confidence!

Thank you for taking the time to engage in this conversation. Let's stay connected.

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The Cloud...just someone else computer.
ChatGPT...just a computer summarizing a lot of data.
SEO...Search Engine Optimization, help Google find you. social media find you.
Browser extensions... simplify your time online.
QR Code...find that web address without typing.
Metaverse...virtual reality world.


Buzz word recap...

Websites/Desktop/Apps/Browser extensions (W/D/A/BE):

G Suite or Microsoft 365  - Online office suites (W/D/AFree & paid versions are available

ChatGBT - Free AI website (W) Free - Upgraded paid version coming soon

Meta Business suite - Manage Facebook & Instagram socials (in Facebook on the left-hand side menu bar, there should be a Meta Business Suite option if you have a business account.  (W/A) Free

Grammarly for all your spelling and grammar needs as well as rating and rewording content for the most impact.  (W/A/BE) Free & paid versions are available

Wordtune - AI power writing, reviews content and suggests improvements (W/A/BE) Free & Upgrade paid version available

Momentum - Transform your New Tab page into a focused, productive, and inspiring dashboard (BE) Free & Upgrade paid version available

Get Pocket -  Bougie bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks (W/A/BE) Free & Upgrade paid version available

EverNote -Web Clipper is a browser extension that lets you save interesting things you find on the web directly to your Evernote account and plan out your content (W/A/BE) Free & Upgrade paid version available

OneTab - For those who love to have a million tabs open at once but can't find anything. (BE) Free

AwesomeScreenshot -Screen Recorder & Capture, add text (W/A/BE) Free & Upgraded paid versions available

QR Monkey - creates simple and free QR codes that do not expire (W) Free

Email Signature Generator – Automatically generate professional email signature, custom colors/font/logo/social links (W) Free

Calendly- Free basic scheduling tool that allows customers to book a meeting or call with you. (W/A/BE) Free & Upraded paid versions are available

Adobe Express & Canva - Free basic design tools for Social Media posts & stories, graphics, logos, and flyers (W/A) Free & Upraded paid versions available

Google Voice – allows you to get a free phone number that will be directed to your personal cell phone or landline.  Allows for making your business phone different than your personal phone number. 

Website creation – Wix, WordPress, Squarespace all offer simple, customizable templates to start (Paid) 

Payment tools- Zelle, Venmo, Pay Pal, Stripe, Square (Free & Paid)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools - keep tabs on customers  Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot (Free & Paid)

Project Management Tools – Monday or Notions (Free & Paid)

Amazon Photo - Store all your photos for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member (W/A)

Mint - Free Budgeting software (W/A)

PlantoEat - Store all those recipes you find online and then plan them out.  (W/A/BE) Paid Subscription is required.

IIbby & Hoopla -Lake County Public Library (A) Free.

Honey (BE) & Raktuen (W/A/BE)- Coupon, and money saver apps. Free.

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