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Two years ago I went into a weekly meeting with my lead and I asked for an adjusted schedule so I could take Friday afternoons off to help her transition to a new assisted living. His response was, "Actually, we are offshoring your role you need to find a new one."

It was a gut punch. I've worked my entire career in technology so it wasn't the first time, but somehow it never gets easier and this one was particularly messy. I shifted from helping care for her to finding a new role and jumping in.

Yesterday, I planned to spend the afternoon with her when something unexpected came up that I felt I really needed to take some time to work on. I struggled with what to do for about 30 seconds. My recent career shift was in part to be able to say 'yes' to more intentional time with family.

I continue to remind myself that I will never remember working on that agreement for an afternoon, but I will remember listening to her sing hymns, recall scripture (even though she can't recall what she had for lunch), and the lessons from her bible study on kindness (the shirt was 100% coincidental but I had a hard time convincing her).

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