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Don't Quit Your Day Dream

21 years, 3 consulting companies (4 if you count the 1 day PWC became Monday before the IBM buy out), countless awkward conversations about what I do, a PC return box, and an exit interview later, I am withdrawing from Corporate America.

After a 4 month sabbatical of sleeping in and morning snuggles from my girls, epic wild west adventure, pool days, and more, I have made the not-so-hard decision, to leave Accenture. I never anticipated myself participating in the #greatresignation, but here I am. Although my 17-years and 8 months with the company did not end how I anticipated it would, more of a silent fade than a grand parade, I am grateful for the front half of my career (with exception of those late night and weekend calls, #ITSupport) and everyone globally that I crossed paths with along the way.

An abrupt change 4 months ago, turned out to be an absolute gift to me, even if it originally felt a bit like a not-so ‘truly human’ gut punch. A complete realization that although I loved Accenture, it could never really love me back. A wake-up call to find my value, and passions, and explore what I really want to do with my life and my time as there is only so much of it. I’m very excited to be pursuing my next career as a Career/Leadership coach which I could only do with the experiences, a lot of good and a fair share of bad, I have had at Accenture. Excited to share the lessons I’ve learned with other young women in tech and business!

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