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Career Transition
& Job Search

Please feel free to use the links below as you navigate job searching or career transitions.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions



Principles you is a free assessment that helps you see your personality archetypes.

Learn about the archetypes you are most like, which includes your tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth. Then, see how you connect with others! Share results with Emily for your next session. 

Reflect On Your In-Depth Report

Understand deeply how you prefer to think, engage, and apply yourself across the 17 core dimensions of your personality.

Learn How Your Results Play Out in Real Life Situations

Accurate self-knowledge is the key to getting what you want out of life. PrinciplesYou applies your results to real-life situations, so you can see your tendencies in action and get the right guidance to help you achieve your goals.

My Next Move - explore different career opportunities to see what may interest you.  Take a few minutes to run through the Interest Profiler  - to help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. You can find out what you like to do.

Career/Life Mapping

Everyone has a story.  Our life experiences, both the good and the bad, help define us.  A loss of a job, meeting that sales goal that seemed like a dream, a missed promotion, or a birth of a child all make up our story.  As women, oftentimes, we underestimate how far we have come and what we have been through.  Take some time to draw out the last 5-10 years on a chart reflecting your highs and your lows (which simultaneously can happen at the same time for life and work).  You can do more or less time.   You can do it by hand or digitally.  There is no right or wrong.  Once you finish your chart, I'd love to discuss the process with you.

Resumes & LinkedIn

A professional resume and your LinkedIn page are critical to finding your next opportunity.  I recommend using to help do a check of your current resume and linkedIn page.  Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Resume Worded is a career platform that helps you tailor your resume to the job you're applying for. Upload your resume and job posting, and in 10 seconds, this resume scanner will scan the job posting you're applying for and highlight keywords and skills your resume is missing.  The base product is free, you can pay for an upgraded version with additional insights.

Become active on LinkedIn.  Follow people that interest you.  Comment and post about content that interests you and the area you would like to pursue.

Remote Role
Job Search

Everyone is interested in remote work now more than ever. Here are some great links to get you started on a remote job search.

If you are a woman looking for flexible online work that is challenging and using all the skills you have acquired over the years ou may want to consider looking into Online Business Management via the Prowess project.  If you are interested, please let me know and I can connect you with the owner. 

Here is a list of sites that cater to remote roles:

Easy to apply features, great for start ups.


Lots of search filters, easy to find roles.


Best for digital nomads.

Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)

A great list for remote tech positions.

We Work Remotely

More high profile roles with top companies.

Working Nomads

Lots of #wfh roles in tech and design.


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