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NWI Business Women Group

I spent last Thursday evening discussing networking with some wonderful ladies at the Engaging NWI Business Women group. These women come from businesses of different sizes and fields but one thing we all agreed on was the power of your network. Some key take aways: 1) Networking looks different to each person. Some enjoy big formal networking events, weekly networking groups, local chambers, and events. While others keep it more informal, like coffee with key people, volunteer work, or building a small referral network with complementary businesses. 2) Get creative! An interior designer mentioned she bought a house and redesigned it as a networking tool. As someone new to the area, she hired local contractors to work with and used those relationships to share what work she did. She left post cards sized business cards with pictures of her work at local paint stores. What a creative way to make new contacts! 3) Do what you do, and do it well! Focus on your craft. Provide a quality service, then have your network do the work for you. 4) It's a 2-way street. When networking, consider how you can serve others. Maybe they have no need for your services at this time, focus on how you can help them achieve their goals. What a way to make a solid connection with someone! They won't forget it. What networking tips do you have to share? #womeninbusiness #workingmom #herenow #coaching #networking

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